A graphic menu system

Worked on the graphic menu system you see to the right. I wanted to have easily edited graphic buttons for relatively static menus, so I:

  1. Created a vocabulary "Graphic menu"
    1. with terms for the hierarchy of static menus.
    2. This allows me to add more terms later, when I add projects or glossary categories, etc.
  2. Created a content type "graphic menu item" with:
    1. Link
    2. Description
    3. Image (image is strictly limited to 180x180 with the icon area being 140x140)
    4. Taxonomy
  3. Created  "Graphic menu system"  view with multiple Block displays.
    1. Configured the blocks for differing visibility based on url

Note: having a lot of problems with javascript on my build... the "hide weights" link doesn't show and I can't drag tables.  Also, several of my ajax functions in views appear broken.   Probably related problems. :-(